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Why you should use smart indicator of water piping?

Without water, everything withers!

Our gadget has the ability to calculating and managing the amount of water consumption after each use and providing complete daily consumption reports including the number of times of use and water consumption each time.

Designing a device with lifetime operation and no need for energy

Ability to provide warning in case of overdose for each use

Analyzing the received data and identifying the time and critical points of water consumption

Getting the exact amount of water consumption in the plumbing structure of a building in specific outlets


Programmability and customization of the system

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Control system to cut off the water flow in excessive consumption in parts of the house

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WaterWarn smart indicator is unique!

Calculating the amount of water passing through the piping system

Defining the volume of water use based on the number of people

Save Water, Save Life

Managing water use methods can lead to improved efficiency and reduced per capita consumption.

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